The ANNIHILARE HEALTHCARE INFECTION PREVENTION SYSTEM (HIPS™) is the most innovative solution on the market today for dealing with HAIs in all Healthcare environments. We offer a practical approach using both chemistry and technology that is unmatched in effectiveness.

HIPS™ Offers:

"The key element of dealing with HAIs is not controlling them. It's PREVENTING them.

- Marty Paris (CEO Annihilare)

Our state-of-the-art generators produce a disinfectant/sanitizer & cleaner on-site, delivering Electrochemically Activated HOCl and NaOH Solutions:

The disinfectant (HOCl)

The disinfectant kills up to 99.9999% of all current environmental contributing HAIs including C. diff (Clostridium difficile).

The Cleaner (NaOH

The cleaner works as well as any cleaner on the market today, with zero residue.

Highlights & Benefits

On-site generation allows continuous production of non-synthetic, Green Seal® Certified fluids, reducing costs associated with ordering and storage of chemicals, all the while providing a safer environment for the cleaning personnel.

Our software ensures:

  • The correct strength of the solution is always being applied for maximum results
  • Areas are being treated properly with industry-recognized and management-controlled protocols and procedures
  • Valuable data is being gathered from each location, to provide real-time information, such as: who performed the tasks, what tasks were performed, what time they were performed and how long a team member took to complete them
  • Management can focus more on follow-up and training with built-in alerts and inspections that notify when certain areas haven’t been addressed