The System Overview

Electrostatic application takes disinfecting to an entirely new level.  Since Annihilyte® contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), you can maximize efficacy and efficiency, while resting easy about what solutions are being used in your facility.

All successful programs require a systematic approach. Annihilare offers all of the tools and training necessary to effectively clean your facility while maintaining healthy environments for all people. 

The on-site generation of Hypochlorous acid and Sodium Hydroxide offers a sustainable program providing highly effective disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner / degreaser, and drastically reduces the use of toxic chemicals in your facility.


While on-site generation and electrostatics are important to proper facility cleaning and maintenance, AnniList takes the process to the next level. When you combine your processes with the AnniList platform, you can rest assured that the cleaning protocols are performed at an optimal level by highly trained personnel.